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Miki. M

I gave Dr Mosier only 5 stars because that is the yelp limit. I would like to give him 10 stars. I cannot be more pleased with my experience. Dr Mosier performed my breast reduction surgery. I am so very happy with my smaller, perkier, beautiful breasts. I have never had any surgeries and electing to have one was not a light decision. I researched as much as one can and I opted for Dr Mosier and his staff. This is a scary process, because until you go thru it, you just don’t know.
Dr Mosier made sure to follow up with me thru the entire healing process and was truly, genuinely interested in how I was doing and that I was comfortable and happy with his work.
Should I ever desire more surgery, I will most definitely go with Dr Mosier. I cannot say it enough how happy I am with the entire process.

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April 9, 2020
Breast Reduction