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We all remember our youthful physique. Over time, aging, gravity, sun damage, and stress can cause the face to lose its youthful form and elasticity, resulting in the formation of deep creases, folds, wrinkling, laxity of the jaw line, and droopy cheeks.  Glowing, youthful skin doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. By choosing Dr. Mosier of Cosmetic Surgery Center of Austin, he will perform a Face Lift which can revitalize your skin and let you achieve smooth youthful contours of your face.  Patients can emerge from this procedure looking youthful and refreshed, with an appearance that has been gracefully enhanced rather than dramatically changed.


What is a Facelift?

Face Lift surgery, also called rhytidectomy, can improve the most visible signs of aging from the inside out by tightening the underlying muscles of the face, removing deposits of excess fat, and re-draping the facial skin, making it appear firmer and tighter. A Face Lift can be performed alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery) for patients desiring more extensive facial rejuvenation.


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How does the Facelift Procedure work?

Traditionally, a surgical cut is made right around your hairline, in the front of your ears. If your jawline tends to sag more, cuts might be made under your chin. In an effort to keep all incisions fairly subtle, cuts are usually hidden at the hairlines or along the countours of the ear. After the incisions are made, the skin is carefully separated from the facial muscles then all the excess fat deposits are strategically removed. Once Dr. Mosier removes the excess fat deposits, he will pull the skin back together where the near the incisions origin and subsequently stitched back.


Am I good candidate for a Facelift?

Depending on the inelasticity and progression of loose skin will determine the right type of facelift procedure for you. Some patients experience minimal jowling below the neck and excessive neck skin. If this sounds like you, you might be a better candidate for a mini facelift. If you feel you have your excess skin is much greater, a full face lift would be the best fit for you. Wanna learn what procedure is right for you? Contact Dr. Mosier and his team today to setup your Free Consultation.


What Should I Expect After Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery Center of Austin has will be there to support you through every step of your recovery. There could be minimal pain at first but don’t worry Dr. Mosier can prescribe pain reliever to ease any discomfort.

Depending on the type of facelift procedure you opt in for, this will determine the duration of recovery. On average, bandages can usually be taken off after a day or two. Dissolvable stitches performed by Dr. Mosier will generally disappear in seven to ten days. There are some non-dissolvable stitches that will be removed by our team a week after your facelift surgery. Within a few weeks, the majority of our patients can return to work. We recommend minimal exposure to the sun and please avoid any rigorous activity for roughly four to five weeks after surgery. Wanna know the best part? When your face is healed, this will bring back that youthful glow and eliminating those pesky wrinkles. 


How Much Does a Facelift Cost in Austin TX?

In Austin, TX, a Face Lift surgery will average approximately $11,000 to perform. Out of your Price Range? Consider our convenient Care Credit Financing to help pay for the surgery in easy installments. Wanna see if a Facelift is right for you? Contact Cosmetic Surgery Center of Austin for your Free Consultation.


Statistics about Facelift Procedure

According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a Facelift is rising in popularity. Between 2015 and 2016, the procedure rose by 4% with over 130,000 procedures performed in the United States.


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